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Rapid Enrollment Solutions


Who We Are:
 is a boutique, full service, patient recruitment firm, who for 15 years has been specializing in
results driven patient recruitment campaigns. Why boutique? Simply put, we don’t have a cookie-cutter approach.
Each patient recruitment program is unique and so should be the strategy. We work with biotech/pharmaceutical and medical device companies, large and small, as well as CROs. We create individual patient recruitment campaigns that are custom crafted to ensure each clinical research trial is enrolled on time and within budget.

The advantage of working with a boutique firm like RESolutions is that your clinical trial is our top priority - everyday! We don’t aim to have a large number of clinical studies ongoing at one time. This approach allows us to be very responsive to you and the trial sites. We are very focused on your trial's success and very proactive in identifying sites that are slipping off target. 

We design and implement highly effective, individualized patient recruitment strategies for your clinical research studies.  We take recruitment a step further than just providing sites with recruitment tools, we come along side their current recruitment efforts and help them get the work done. Trial sites don't always have the time or expertise to reach outside of their own patient population so we "lend an extra set of hands" to do the work to heighten the awareness of your trial in the local areas. We don't just put out ads and hope eligible subjects see them, we take a targeted approach and focus on local channels such as referring physicians, community outreach, and work closely with trial sites to enhance their pool of qualified potential patients to ensure your patient recruitment goals are met on time and cost effectively. 

A full recruitment plan may not be necessary to get your trial back on track. You might just need a boost in patient screenings. We offer a broad range of individual services as well as full recruitment programs. 
Let us provide a no obligation recruitment assessment of your trial to determine the best recruitment initiatives that will help you meet your enrollment goal.

   -We have direct access to patients through our database on Clinical Trial Spotlight™, our novel website.  
   -We have access to patients through our medical data warehouse database.
   -We have strong relationships with national/international non-profit groups.
   -We have a strong, results driven, Physician Referral Service Program.

We Specialize in Slow Enrolling Trials that are Falling Behind Schedule:

More often than not, patient enrollment begins to slip further and further behind your preset timelines.  No need to panic, we have a proven success rate of bringing trial recruitment back on track and in some instances, enrolling the trials ahead of the scheduled timeline.  The longer you wait, the further behind enrollment will be.  Call us today to discuss how we can help.






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